‘Bye Bye Birdie’ first show of the year

The first show of the upcoming season is set to open this weekend at The Owen Theater by The Players Theatre Company.

“Bye Bye Birdie,” directed by Mary Yost, will open Friday and run until Sept. 19.

Yost previously directed “Guys & Dolls,” of which two cast members received Montie Awards. Elizabeth Curtin received the 2015 Montie for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role as Miss Adelaide. Triston Creighton received the 2015 Montie for Best Minor Actor in a Musical for his role as Benny Southstreet.

“Bye Bye Birdie” is a satire on American society set in 1958 and was inspired by the phenomenon of rock star Elvis Presley and his draft notice into the Army in 1957. The show is set around agent/songwriter Albert Peterson (Ben Miller), who is imperiled when his star agent, Conrad Birdie (Jared Barnes) is drafted. Peterson’s secretary/love interest, Rose Alvarez (Amy Barnes), develops a publicity stunt before Birdie ships off.

The show features several previous Montie Award recipients and nominees.

Michael Hayes, who plays Mr. Harry MacAfee, has been nominated five times in the past for his back-stage work including receiving the Best Set Design awards for The Players Theatre Company’s “The Foreigner” in 2012.

Hannah Weaver, who plays Ursula Merkle, was nominated last year for Best Minor Actor in a Musical for her role in The Players Theatre Company’s “Guys & Dolls.”

Bill Shafer, who plays a litany of characters (Reporter/Mr. Johnson/Maude’s Dishwasher/Quartet/Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater), was nominated last year for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his role in Stage Right’s production of “Shrek the Musical.”

Adam Isbell, Reporter/Quartet/Shriner/Teen Chorus, received Best Supporting Actor in a Muscial last year for his role in Stage Right’s production of “Shrek the Musical” and was nominated previously in the same category for The Players Theatre Company’s “Grease” in 2013.

Mark Wilson, Mayor/Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater, is a four-time Montie nominee including winning Best Actor in a Minor Role in a Comedy or Drama in 2013 for his role in The Players Theatre Company’s “The Matchmaker.”

Laura Lange, Drum Majorette/Citizen of Sweetwater/Sound Design, was previously nominated for Best Actress in a Minor Role in a Musical for her performance in The Players Theatre Company’s 2012 production of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe.”

Roger Ormiston, Lighting Design/Scenic Artist, is a three-time Montie Award Lighting Design nominee, including his win last year for Stage Right Production’s “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Marieda Kilgore, Wardrobe and Costume Design, is a four-time Montie Award nominee in Wardrobe/Costume Design including her nomination last year for her work in Stage Right’s production of “Signin’ in the Rain.” She previously received a Montie for her work in 2014 for The Players Theatre Company’s production of “Gypsy.”



Ben Miller – Albert Peterson
Amy Barnes – Rose Alvarez
Sachi Tanaka – Kim MacAfee
Julia Reece – Mrs. Doris McAfee
Michael Hayes** – Mr. Harry McAfee
Hayden Olds – Randolph MacAfee
Jared Barnes – Conrad Birdie/Shriner
Hannah Weaver* – Ursula Merkle
Martha Davis – Mrs. Mae Peterson
Cheney Emberg – Helen/Teen Trio 1/Teen Chorus
Emily Van Eaton – Nancy/Teen Trio A/Teen Chorus
Haley Olds –  Alice/Sad Girl/Teen Trio A/Teen Chorus
Savannah Bradshaw – Margie/Sad Girl/Teen Trio 1/ Teen Chorus
Jessica Helgerud – Penelope Anne/Teen Chorus
Emily Knapp – Deborah Sue/Teen Chorus
Logan Hawley – Harvey Johnson/Teen Chorus
Eric Phillips – Hugo Peabody
Cricket Pepper – Drum Majorette/Gloria Rasputin/Citizen of Sweetwater
Larry Davis – Charles F. Maude/Quartet/Citizen of Sweetwater
Bill Shafer* – Reporter/Mr. Johnson/Maude’s Dishwasher/Quartet/Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater
Adam Isbell** – Reporter/Quartet/Shriner/Teen Chorus
Joshua Darner – Quartet/Shriner/Teen Chorus
Mark Wilson** – Mayor/Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater
Cornell Wright – Mayor’s Wife (Edna)
Diana Egley – Mrs. Merkle/Citizen of Sweetwater
Jonathan Van Eaton – Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater/Police Officer
Nathan Clark – Guitar Player/Shriner/Teen Chorus
Isabel Hawley – Suzie/Teen Trio A/Teen Chorus
Rebekah Rice – Teen Trio 1/Teen Chorus
Laura Lange* – Drum Majorette/Citizen of Sweetwater
Michael Tucker – Reporter/Citizen of Sweetwater
Toni Gannucci – Ed Sullivan Show Stage Manager/Citizen of Sweetwater
Christopher Olds – Shriner/Citizen of Sweetwater/Train Agent
Kyle Clevenger – Shriner/Teen Chorus
Lauren Upshall – Teen Chorus
Danielle Lim – Teen Chorus
Ryan Samsower – Teen Chorus
Bradley Rice – Teen Chorus
Marieda Kilgore** – Wardrobe
Laura Lange* – Sound Design
Roger Ormiston** – Lighting Design
Melody Johnson – Choreography
Cornella Wright – Props
Mary Yost – Set Design
Roger Ormiston** – Scenic Design
Josh Yost – Music Direction

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