THE PLAYERS THEATRE COMPANY: Phantom, directed by Marty Craig; The 39 Steps, directed by Joey Lamont; The Little Mermaid, directed by Carole Lamont; The Cemetery Club, directed by Roger Ormiston; The Three Musketeers, directed by Sean Thompson; West Side Story, directed by Mary Yost; and 9 to 5 the Musical, directed by O.A. Melvin.

STAGE RIGHT PRODUCTIONS: Blithe Spirit, directed by Bonnie Hewett; The Addams Family, directed by Brenda Storseth; Miracle on 34th Street, directed by Dinah Mahlman; My Fair Lady, directed by Manny Cafeo; Farce of Nature, directed by Melody Montez; and Mary Poppins, directed by Tina Cafeo.

Awards listed in alphabetical order:

Best Director/Artistic Achievement: Tina Cafeo, “Mary Poppins”
Presenters: Denton Florian and Amber Babcock

Best Overall Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Comedy, Drama or Musical: Cara Cavenaugh Woodard, “West Side Story”
Presenters: Marilyn Moore

Best Show of the Year: “Mary Poppins”
Presenters: David Roberts and Mary McCoy

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tina Cafeo
Presenters: Stephen Green and Jo Champion

Greater Conroe Arts Alliance Visionary Award: Gertie Wiesinger Spencer
Presenters: Alan “Barb” Sadler

Best Featured Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Sean K. Thompson, “The Three Musketeers”
Other nominees: Dale Trimble, “The Three Musketeers;” John Barton, “Farce of Nature”
Presenters: Alexandra Casey and Steve Wong

Best Featured Actor in a Musical: Joshua Marchant, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Phil Clarke, “My Fair Lady;” Nathaniel Meister, “West Side Story”
Presenters: Todd Brady and Marieda Kilgore

Best Featured Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Bre Jatzlau, “Farce of Nature”
Other nominees: Jamie Glass, “The Three Musketeers;” Kelley Luke-Trimble, “The Cemetery Club”
Presenters: Adam Isbell and Courtney Berry

Best Featured Actress in a Musical: Martha Davis, “Mary Poppins”
Other nominees: Carolyn Wong, “My Fair Lady;” Alexandra Casey, “West Side Story”
Presenters: Dinah Mahlman and Isaiah Owens

Best Choreography: Melody Johnson, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Dinah Mahlman, “Mary Poppins;” Dinah Mahlman, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Taylor Maresca and Caleb Glass

Best Hair & Makeup: Kara Kowalik, “Mary Poppins”
Other nominees: Adam Isbell, “My Fair Lady;” Michael Hayes, “West Side Story”
Presenters: James Colburn and Viktorya Hill

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Ralph Biancalana, “Blithe Spirit”
Other nominees: Caleb Glass, “The Three Musketeers;” Dennis O’Connor, “Miracle on 34th Street”
Presenters: Tina Cafeo and Manny Cafeo

Best Lead Actor in a Musical: Jordi Viscarri, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Michael Martin, “My Fair Lady;” David Troth, “Phantom”
Presenters: Art Stringer and Sara Preisler

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Megan Nix, “Blithe Spirit”
Other nominees: Terry Lynn Hale, “The Cemetery Club;” Cindy Siple, “The Cemetery Club”
Presenters: Bob Turner and Jill Villalobos

Best Lead Actress in a Musical: Cara Cavenaugh Woodard, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Katie Sigler, “Mary Poppins;” Taylor Maresca, “The Little Mermaid;” Sara Preisler, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Bill Giffen and Cricket Pepper

Best Lighting Design: Steven Wong, “My Fair Lady”
Other nominees: Tom Yost, “West Side Story;” Mike Thompson, “Blithe Spirit”
Presenters: Steve Murphree and Melody Montez

Best Music Direction: Robert Lewis, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Ana Guirola-Ladd, “Mary Poppins;” Ana Guirola-Ladd, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Katie Kowalik, Lucy Barrera and Sam Siemonsma

Best Props: Denise DeBold, “Mary Poppins”
Other nominees: Michel Brown Stevens, “Blithe Spirit;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “My Fair Lady;” Comelle Wright, “West Side Story”
Presenters: Craig & Bristol Campobella, and Kailey Johnson

Best Scenic Artist: Denise DeBold, “Mary Poppins” 
Other nominees: Cindy Johnson, “West Side Story;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Jim Murph and Martha Davis

Best Set Design: Denise DeBold, “Mary Poppins”
Other nominees: Roger Ormiston; “West Side Story;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Scarlett Czarnopis and Sarah Kerr

Best Sound Design: Carolyn Wong, “My Fair Lady”
Other nominees: Carolyn Wong, “The Addams Family;” Laura Lange, “West Side Story”
Presenters: John McDonald and Carole Lamont

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Brian Heaton, “The Three Musketeers”
Other nominees: Timothy Eggert, “The Three Musketeers;” Johnathan Rozas, “The Three Musketeers”
Presenters: Yvonne Nelson and Brian Heaton

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical: Austin Colburn, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Austin Colburn, “My Fair Lady;” James Colburn, “The Addams Family;” Sean Ari Deleon, “West Side Story”
Presenters: Rick Sellers and Denise DeBold

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Carolyn Wong, “Farce of Nature”
Other nominees: Kathleen Baker, “The Three Musketeers;” Dallas Dickson, “The Three Musketeers”
Presenters: Michael Martin and Mary Yost

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Caylin Keliehor, “West Side Story”
Other nominees: Jo Champion, “Mary Poppins;” Carolyn Wong, “My Fair Lady”
Presenters: Cara Cavenaugh Woodard and Josh Marchant

Best Wardrobe Design: Debbie Preisler, “My Fair Lady”
Other nominees: Marieda Kilgore, “The Addams Family;” Carolyn Wong, “Mary Poppins”
Presenters: Derwin Youngblood and David Herman

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