THE PLAYERS THEATRE COMPANY: Beauty and the Beast, directed by Carole Lamont**; Dial M for Murder, directed by Terry Lynn Hale*; Little Women the Musical, directed by Michael Hayes**; Steel Magnolias, directed by Joe Visor**; The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, directed by Marieda Kilgore**; Kiss Me, Kate, directed by Sean K.  Thompson*; The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, directed by O.A. Melvin.

STAGE RIGHT PRODUCTIONS: Noises Off, directed by Travis Bryant**; Young Frankenstein, directed by Brenda Storseth*; A Charlie Brown Christmas, directed by Sara Preisler**; Hello Dolly!, directed by Manny Cafeo**; The Elephant Man, directed by Craig Campobella**; Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, directed by Jeffery Baldwin**.

Awards listed in alphabetical order:

Best Director/Artistic Achievement: Brenda Storseth, Young Frankenstein
Presenters: Phil Clarke & Marieda Kilgore

Best Overall Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Comedy, Drama or Musical: Carolyn Wong, Young Frankenstein
Presenters: Tina & Manny Cafeo

Best Show of the Year: Young Frankenstein
Presenters: Annette Spikes

Lifetime Achievement Award: Manny Cafeo

Best Featured Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Marilyn Moore, “The Elephant Man”
Other nominees: Deanie Harmon Boy, “The Elephant Man;” Denise DeBold, “The Elephant Man;” Emili Stowe, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Kevin Downs & Maria Schenck

Best Featured Actress in a Musical: Terry Woods, “Little Women the Musical”
Other nominees: Hillary Moore, “Hello Dolly;” Sarah Maddux Kerr, “Beauty and the Beast;” Cherish Cahoon, “Hello Dolly;” Elissa Lynch, “Hello Dolly”
Presenters: Ara Hollyday & Rebecca Clarke

Best Featured Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Wesley Bush, “The Elephant Man” 
Other nominees: Rick Sellers, “The Elephant Man;” Art Stringer, “The Elephant Man;” Kevin Downs, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Dinah Mailman & Cain Hamilton

Best Featured Actor in a Musical: Steve Wong, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Rick Sellers, “Young Frankenstein;” Zach Ramon, “Hello Dolly;” Dale Trimble, “Little Women the Musical;”
Presenters: Diana Egley & Bob Galley

Best Choreography: Cricket Pepper, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Carole Lamont, “Beauty and the Beast;” Sara Preisler, “Charlie Brown Christmas;” Faye Beth Beckman, “Little Women the Musical”
Presenters: Layne Roberts & Wayne Mixon

Best Hair & Makeup: Brenda Storseth, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Adam Isbell & Angie Miller, “Beauty and the Beast;” Adam Isbell, “Hello Dolly;” Adam Isbell & Michael Raabe, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Art Stringer & Micah Clarke

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Brian Heaton, “The Elephant Man”
Other nominees: Kevin Downs, “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940;” Caleb Glass, “The Elephant Man;” Phillip Harris, “Dial M for Murder”
Presenters: Dave Kerr & Sarah Walker

Best Lead Actor in a Musical: Adam Isbell, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Michael Martin, “Hello Dolly;” David Kerr, “Beauty and the Beast;” Jonah Czarnopis, “Charlie Brown Christmas;” Michael Martin, “Young Frankenstein”
Presenters: Michael Hayes & Courtney Berry

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Cindy Siple, “Steel Magnolias”
Other nominees: Lizzie Camp, “Steel Magnolias;” Sarah Steindl, “Steel Magnolias;” Patrice Kentimenos, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Ryan Anthony & Kelly Schroeder

Best Lead Actress in a Musical: Carolyn Wong, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Sara Preisler, “Young Frankenstein;” Carolyn Wong, “Hello Dolly;” Daire Mcleod, “Charlie Brown Christmas”
Presenters: Carlos Gonzalez & Madison Mapes

Best Lighting Design: Brenda Storseth & Steve Wong, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Jim Murph, “The Elephant Man;” Steve Wong, “Hello Dolly;” DJ Cooley, “Noises Off”
Presenters: Phillip Harris & Becky Teague

Best Music Direction: Ana Gui-Ladd, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Hillary Moore, “Charlie Brown Christmas;” Robert Lewis & Sal Jimenez, “Beauty and the Beast;” Robert Lewis, “Little Women the Musical”
Presenters: Megan Nix & Jonathan Van Eaton

Best Props: Denise DeBold, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Deanie Harmon Boy, “The Elephant Man;” Kara Kowalik, “Noises Off;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “Hello Dolly”
Presenters: Ken Mann & Sue Hayes

Best Scenic Artist: Denise DeBold, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Greg Taylor, “Willy Wonka;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “Hello Dolly;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Dale Graham & Martha Davis

Best Set Design: Denise DeBold, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Deanie Harmon Boy, “Hello Dolly;” Deanie Harmon Boy, “The Elephant Man;” Jonathan Van Eaton and Alli Nauert, “Noises Off”
Presenters: Melissa Cummins & Chuck Smith

Best Sound Design: Brenda Storseth & Carolyn Wong, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Carolyn Wong, “The Elephant Man;” Carolyn Wong, “Noises Off;” Carolyn Wong, “Hello Dolly”
Presenters: Mandy Hall & Christopher St. James

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Timothy Eggert, “Noises Off” 
Other nominees: Bill Giffen, “Noises Off;” Michael Raabe, “The Elephant Man;” Reid Self, “The Elephant Man;” Jeffrey Ott, “Dial M for Murder”
Presenters: Caleb Glass & Sarah Steindl

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical: Bill Shafer, “Young Frankenstein” 
Other nominees: Phil Clarke, “Young Frankenstein;” Zachary Kirk, “Beauty and the Beast;” Joshua Yost, “Beauty and the Beast”
Presenters: DJ Cooley & Jim Boy

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama: Lisa Schofield, “Steel Magnolias” 
Other nominees: Holly Vogt Wilkison, “Noises Off;” Carole Lamont, “Steel Magnolias;” Brandi Baldwin, “Noises Off”
Presenters: Sarah Maddux Kerr & Ethan Garcia

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Kimberly Lambright, “Beauty and the Beast” 
Other nominees: Haley Reynolds, “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee;” Nelly Light, “Little Women the Musical;” Sara Preisler, “Hello Dolly”
Presenters: Holly Vogt Wilkison & Bill Giffen

Best Costume/Wardrobe Design: Debbie Preisler, “Young Frankenstein”
Other nominees: Debbie Preisler, “Hello Dolly;” Lynn Peverill, “Beauty and the Beast;” Denise DeBold, “The Elephant Man”
Presenters: Michael Raabe & Derwin Youngblood

NOTE: If you notice an error (like name spelling), please email the category, the error and correction to themontieawards@gmail.com.

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