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The Montie Awards staff

Executive Producers: Denise DeBold and Marieda Kilgore

Producers: Phil Clarke and Stephen Green

Ballot Integrity Team: Denise DeBold and Marieda Kilgore

Representatives for The Owen Theater: Marieda Kilgore and Rebecca McDowell

Representatives for The Crighton Theater: Phil Clarke and Carolyn Wong

2018-2019 Ceremony Production Crew

Executive Producers: Denise DeBold & Marieda Kilgore
Producers: Phil Clarke & Stephen Green
Accountant: Tom Sellars, Weaver CPA
Hosts: James Colburn Jr. & Hon. Kathleen Hamilton
Stage Manager: Derwin Youngblood
Assist. Stage Managers: Jill Villalobos & Phil Clarke
Announcer: Sean K. Thompson
Lighting & Sound Engineer: Maddie Rodriguez
Microphone Engineer: Owen McWhirter
Music: Jazz Connection
Props: Comelle Wright, Kara Kowalik
Performance Coordinators: Marieda Kilgore, Denise DeBold, Kara Kowalik, Sara Preisler
Treasurer: Phil Clarke
Photography: Michael Pittman & Stephen Green
Video Design: Hillary Moore & Steven Wong
Spotlights: Jace McWhirter
Set Design: Deanie Boy, Denise DeBold & Kara Kowalik
Writers: Marieda Kilgore, Deanie Boy, Patrice Kentimenos
Tickets: Tom Richards & Michael Martin
Montie Girls: Emily Van Eaton, Sadie Blair, Jaelyn Youngblood & SaraMarie Wojta
Marketing/Website: Stephen Green

Celebrating the pursuit of excellence

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