How are the award recipients chosen?

How are The Montie Awards nominees and winners chosen?

The Monties staff strives to maintain an independent and fair method to select the winners and nominees for each category. The following steps ensure that not only does The Monties staff have no say or input on who should be nominated for what, but it also guarantees the awards maintain their integrity from any and all outside forces. The independent, non-affected, non-affiliated judges are selected and make their choices using the steps below.

  1. The Monties ballot integrity team attends every show and decides what is a supporting role, featured role, leading role, etc. using various theater websites and personal experience.
  2. The team brings the list to the show’s director, who will then sign off on the list barring no major objections. The Monties ballot integrity team will make their case, but each nomination consideration rests ultimately in the director’s hands as to who will be in which category.
  3. The ballots are then produced, sealed and handed to the box office of the respective theaters.
  4. Seven golden ticket holders will pick up the ballots and watch the show.
    • The golden ticket holders are award-winning entertainment professionals or leaders in non-profit fine arts sector that are non-interested parties, meaning they are not a part of either theater company. These seven professionals are unanimously chosen by the executive producer(s) and two representatives from each theater company.
  5. Once the performance is over, judges will fill out and seal the ballot before sending it by mail directly to The Montie’s certified public accountant. They will be kept under lock and key until the CPA gets the last ballots of the last show. Because of this, the ballots skip the middle man and go straight to the CPA. Not even The Monties staff knows the nominees or winners until everyone else!
  6. The CPA will tally all the scores, determine the nominees, who will then be notified about a week after the last show has run. The CPA will also determine the winners and place each in a sealed envelope that is only to be opened the night of the awards show where they will be announced.
  7. The CPA will calculate the top three highest averages from each performance and production category. Those top four averages will be the nominees with the highest average as the winner. (Prior to 2018 ceremony, only three nominees were selected.)
    • The average is based on a point scale from one to 10. A score of one is the worst possible score and 10 the best. A score of five is described as what the judges expect going into the show — good community theater. A score of 10 would be the judges “wanting to pay to hire the performer themselves to go on Broadway.” They are instructed that there should be few, if any, scores of one or 10. Judges also have the option to award fractions of points (i.e. 4.5, 9.5, etc.), which will prevent ties in most cases.
    • In the case of a tie, two winners will be given The Montie Award.
    • The awards are $900 bronze statues paid for with donations and in-kind services from local businesses.

The Lifetime Achievement Award winners are also selected differently than those above. Two nominees will be put forth by both theater groups and then they will consider the nominees. A silent, anonymous vote will determine the winner.

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